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The Chinese Massage Suite


Chinese Massage in China, it being a professional form of treatment and is recognised as an every day form of treatment, for Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Leg and Foot Pain. In China, this form of treatment is know as Tui-Na 推拿 and An Mo, 你, people go and see this "specialist doctor" (as they are known),  

rather than a "General Practitioner", who, like our doctors in the west, only practice with the use of Chinese medicines, modern drugs and western medicines.


Here in the West and also the UK, this sort of pain up to now was only treated by Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. And only by Doctors when it reached a chronic stage by medicines, drugs and invasive surgery. (going under the knife).


Chinese Massage in China is a very old form and a long established and trusted form of healing. Chinese Massage has been available in the UK for a few years. Now, Chinese Massage has arrived here in Wolverhampton, and for the first time, as far as we are  aware.


Our staff are very highly trained and competent in all the various forms of Chinese Massage. They have studied and have been trained to the highest standards of Chinese Massage therapy in China. Our staff are very attractive Chinese ladies and now have moved to the UK bringing with them their know how, knowledge and skills in the art of Chinese Massage, not forgetting the ever popular Swedish Massage. They are trained to highest standards possible in China by highly skilled doctors. With this knowledge amassed, they now offer this form of Chinese massage therapy here in Wolverhampton. This highly skilled knowledge, practiced in China for thousands of years as a well proven and therapeutic form of pain relief, sports injuries and relation. This  therapy is well known in helping to detoxify the body by draining the build up of harmful toxins, thus improving the carder vascular system, improving the immune system and improving the flow of blood to the vital organs. Chinese massage is being practiced in China and now is here in Wolverhampton for you to try out.

Our Philosophy

Is, to offer our clients the highest standards of treatment, using very gentle natural oils and hot stones, to aid our treatment.. We have beautifully and tastefully decorated private massage rooms, which are warm in the winter, cool in the summer and equipped with very comfortable couches. They are cleaned and changed after every client. Soft lighting in the massage suites, fresh clean hot towels, a comfortable massage chair, soft Chinese background music throughout our salon. Staff that know how to treat a client properly. We have very comfortable chairs for the use of waiting clients. We offer free refreshments, should they wish, a newly installed private hot shower with fresh towels, complementary shower gels and shampoo. There is, naturally a toilet as well for the use of our customers.... Our aim, to make your visit to us, a memorable experience and as comfortable as possible. So why not contact us by phone, mobile phone, text, or email to book an appointment.


We hope to see you soon in our Natural Holistic Chinese Massage Centre


Our Location


We are located in a suite on the 1st floor above Bet Fred Book Makers opposite the "Merry Hill" public house.

Access is gained via the door just left of Bet Fred and up the stairs.


Web site


Telephone Wolverhampton 01902 295539, Mobile 07741 696099. 


Contact us page,  or Email at

 No Erotic or Sexual services offered 

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