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We are adding facilities  and services all the time

Beautiful Shower. 
We offer clients the use of Hot or Cold Showers either before or after treatments. We provide shampoo, shower gel, and clean towels for the use of our clients without additional charge. 
Newly Arrived.

We are adding to our list of services all the time . We now offer clients


Facial Therapy.

We offer clients Facial Steam Therapy and or also Facial Cold Mist Therapy

Cupping Therapy.

We offer our clients  cupping therapy. This treatment is achieved by attaching glass cupping balls to the skin by a vacuum using heat to create suction. This helps to remove toxins and impurities through the pores of the skin and can be very beneficial to the body. 

Waxing Therapy.


We NOW offer Clients a full range of waxing treatments. For prices just ask our staff.


Coming Soon


 Soon we hope to offer clients manicures and pedicures.





We encourage clients to book appointments, as this will help to save disappointment due to staff not being able to offer treatment at the time of their arrival. Booking an appointment will ensure a staff member and facilities being ready to give the client treatment upon their arrival. We do offer "drop in" treatments but a client with a prior booking takes priority over a casual client. Please when booking an appointment turn up at least 10 minutes prior to booked time. Clients making an appointments, and not turning up for them, or turning up late, are not being fair to other clients with booked time slots, and could face a shorter course of treatment ,or no treatment than they had hoped for. So please be considerate to others. Thank you.


Why Not Ask about our gift vouchers

You can buy a friend, relative, or loved one a gift voucher. So please ask for further details.


Terms & Conditions

Our Staff and Business, have the right to go about our/their work without hindrance, abuse, abusive behaviour, insults, interference, improper suggestions or bad language. We will NOT and do NOT tolerate such behaviour. We DO NOT offer any form of sexual or erotic services whatsoever.

Sorry, please do not expect anything else other than a proper authentic  professional massage from our highly trained and beautiful Chinese personnel.

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